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Let this app read out the text to you. Multi Language support to read text.

Do you wish someone reads the letters, news, text files, books, etc, for you ?
This app does exactly that for you. It reads everything that you give to it. Open a text file to read or a PDF file. You can also copy any language text and paste it in app to read it loud.

Main Features:

- Text to speech (voice). Reads for you.
- You can play and pause reading anytime.
- Multi language support. (Read in almost any language of your choice.)
- Control the speed and sound of the speech in settings.
- Read from text files or PDF files. Works like book reader.
- Copy and paste text to read.
- Edit your text easily.
- Save text files
- Save as audio file ti listen in future,
- Share text or audio (speech) on socila media.
- Helpful for visually impaired people.
- Helpful for speech impaired people. ( they could type let some read their thoughts)

Note: This e Reader or app needs Text-to-Speech engine for speech to work. Incase your phone does not have pre-installed you could download it from google play store.

What's New

Improved Version. Better performance. Users need to accept extra permission granting - android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO permission.



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