Marshmello Music Dance Apk

Marshmello Music Dance

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Listen to Joytime 3 Now!

Play the Official Marshmello Game now!

Listen and play along with Marshmello's new album, Joytime III!

EDM, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, Electronic-- you can play all of Marshmello's hit songs in one game, and with new songs and characters being released every week!

Collect new characters to help you play through all of the songs! Build a strong team and crush those beats! Open your chest to discover and unlock new powerful characters! Will you get the legendary Marshmello?

Tired of those music games that just increase the speed to make the game more difficult? Tired of overly hard expert rhythm games? We have levels for all! Tap your way to the top!

Can you beat all the songs?

Game's rules:
1. Tap the tiles to the rhythm!
2. Keep being awesome!

+ Collect characters
+ Progress through multiple songs all the way to the top
+ Free Daily chests
+ Collect player cards
+ Beat your top score
+ Fun, intuitive mechanics

Play Marshmello's new Joytime 3 album now:
+ Down
+ Run It Up
+ Put Yo Hands Up
+ Lets Get Down
+ Angklung Life
+ Earthquake
+ Falling to Pieces
+ Here We Go Again
+ Rescue Me
+ Set Me Free
+ Proud
+ Room To Fall
+ Sad Songs

Play Joytime 2:
+ Stars
+ Together
+ Rooftops
+ Check This Out
+ Flashbacks
+ Tell Me
+ Paralyzed
+ Power
+ Imagine

Play the original Joytime album:
+ Know Me
+ Summer
+ Find Me
+ Take It Back
+ Bounce
+ Blocks
+ Show You
+ Want U 2
+ Home
+ Keep It Mello (feat Omar LinX)

Have a special DJ request? Just send us an email and we'll see what we can do
[email protected]

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