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MobileTrust® secure keyboard protect passwords, transactions and remote access

An advanced security suite to protect user credentials, passwords, online transactions and access to corporate networks. The MobileTrust features include six powerful security tools that every enterprise mobile user needs to be secure.

Feature List:

Secure Keyboard - Provides patented keystroke encryption for MobileTrust and other apps. Keystroke encryption prevents them from being logged into your mobile device’s data storage; no need to keep resetting your cache.

Secure Browser - uses Secure Keyboard technology to prevent key logging of your online passwords and other personal data.

Password Vault – Securely stores an unlimited number of passwords with associated websites.
Encrypted Keyboard & Browser – Encrypts all keystrokes between the on-screen keyboard and the browser.

Strong Password Creator - Creates strong passwords based on user-defined preferences and stores them in the password vault for future use.

ProtectID® Soft Token - One-Time-Password Generator for StrikeForce’s award-winning authentication platform. Features a “one touch” user enrollment, supports on-premise and cloud deployments.

OATH Compliant Soft Token – Works with all OATH compliant authentication systems.

Encrypted Database – Store notes and data in user defined fields in an encrypted database

What's New

UI Enhancements on Keyboard to support all Devices
Support for fingerprint verification on devices with fingerprint scanner.



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