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Padenatef is the best step counter for walking and running!

We have created an extremely precise step and calorie counter for leisurely strolls and gym workouts with a beautiful widget. With our step counter, you will always be aware of the distance you've walked (in km). It's very simple to set up and use!

- step counter free
- calorie counter
- distance counter (km or miles)
- background mode
- detailed daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reports (fitness tracker)
- configurable sensitivity and step length calculation
- achievement awards
- all of the features are 100% free
- a convenient and informative widget on the main phone screen
- compact installation size

If you want to stay in good shape, you need to make several thousand steps every day. Walking is highly beneficial for your health because it trains your heart, helps lose weight, activates various processes in your body, and even substitutes a number of other physical exercises. So let's walk, get slimmer and healthier!



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